Dating moldava woman occasional lover


So ensure early on that your potential partner has interests outside of you.

They could be a marathon runner, avid gardener, or even an entrepreneur themselves.

You didn’t blindly accept one of your first couple of job opportunities as a career for life, so is it any surprise that you have high standards as to who you will commit to in your love life?

You live your work and you get a lot of emotional fulfillment out of your life’s mission.

So it’s to be expected that you will occasionally have to cancel or postpone an agreed upon date night with your loved one.

Whether it’s the start up phase, you’re in the middle of due diligence, or you’re putting out fires with your product supplier half way across the world, there will always be something that throws kinks into your schedule.

First and foremost you need a partner who is flexible and willing to roll with the punches.

Not only does a loving and nurturing partner create a place for you to decompress, but they are also the only safe sounding board you have for a lot of your fears and concerns. You’ve done it before and you are successful for a reason”In order for someone to truly get behind you in your relationship in a supporting position, they have to agree with and believe in what you spend your life doing.


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